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All-Star cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. At New York Icons, we don’t cheer at games. Our athletes that compete on our teams come from all different communities & schools. ICONS is a place where every Cheerleader can truly experience the competition side of the sport. The trophies, the banners and the medals are second to the incredible experience, the forever memories & bonds our athletes build while developing leadership skills and while training at an Elite level.

That doesn’t mean our athletes walk through our doors already experienced and ready to compete… WE TRAIN from beginner to advanced. We educate and work on the fundamentals of cheer & tumble on up to the most elite skills safely and progressively. ICONS truly develops and focuses on the overall athlete. We progress each athlete at his or her own pace and focus on developing confidence through each new skill. It is this philosophy and our core value that FAMILY is #1 that has helped us become the BEST All-Star Cheerleading & Tumbling Program in Upstate NY. 

We offer a place for every athlete that walks through our doors! Levels 1-5, a tumbling or specialty class, Practice League Training, or even a Camp or Clinic.

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Operated & Staffed by our Phenomenal Coaching Staff on site at any NY Icons Location.

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