Private Lessons

*Please note private lesson pricing and availability may vary depending on the Instructor*


One on one with the Coach

Duo- Privates:

Maximum of 2 athletes at one time.

Private 1-1 Lessons are intensive instruction by one of our experienced professional coaches.

Athletes should be Potty Trained and ready to focus intensely for 30 minutes.

Consecutive Lessons for 3-6 Months AT LEAST are encouraged to see results. Please do not sign up for Lessons at Icons if you are seeking only a few lessons. We do not believe this is beneficial to athletes with goals to learn new skills.

Private Instruction is in HIGH-DEMAND. Therefore our All Star Athletes will have first priority when scheduling lessons.

We currently have a wait list for Non-Member Athletes. However, receiving a time with one of our experienced professional coaches is well worth the wait.

In order to guarantee we connect you with a coach please follow the instructions in this Step by Step Guide to Non-Member Registration and start with our Icons Tumble Classes. Once a time slot opens we give Lessons to All Star Members first and then our Class Members!


Please see the below Important information regarding private lessons.

What is a Private Lesson?
A private lesson is a 30-minute one-on-one session with one of our Icons Coaches designed to improve a specific area of Cheerleading.
Why would an athlete choose to participate in a Private Lesson?
While our weekly Progressional Tumble Classes, Flyer Flexibility & Technique classes, as well as our Team Tumble Technique classes, are proven to improve an athlete’s skill set at an affordable cost, there
are occasions when an athlete wishes to progress on a specific skill quicker or may learn more efficiently in a one-on-one setting.
When can an athlete participate in a private lesson?
Due to the limited availability of lessons and the conflicts between work and school, the majority of lessons are held in the evenings during the weekdays or during the morning/day on weekends, depending on a coach’s availability. ICONS offers Private lesson instruction for our Members on a First Come, First Serve Basis.
Who can participate in Lessons at Icons?
1-2 Athletes may participate in a lesson at a time. Icons does not mandate Private Lessons, nor can we guarantee the consistency/availability of them. Non Members are encouraged to inquire. If there is availability, our office team can get you in touch with an instructor.
How do I Pay for a Private Lesson Once Booked with an instructor?
  • Payments can be made by check. They should be handed to the lesson instructor for verification purposes. We provide envelopes with labels located at the entrance of our facilities. Please fill out the front label on the envelope with the athlete’s name, date, and the instructor giving the lesson.
  • You can pay through our official New York Icons Venmo: @NEWYORKICONS. Parents must list – Athlete’s name, date of the lesson, and instructor in the Venmo memo!
  • **This ensures the coach can be paid for their lesson. Please send proof of payment to the lesson instructor. We know how busy parents can get! Our coaches are quite busy also, this will avoid any unnecessary work for our coaches to contact a parent to receive payment that was owed prior to the lessons start time.
  • If you are a member of Icons and you have a credit on your account for any fundraising or refunds, as long as all your season fees are paid FIRST, you can use our official Account Credit Authorization form. We must receive this completed document signed and turned into our payment box located in the lobby 1 week prior to the lesson date.
  • **We have received requests via Text, email, phone calls, etc. To ensure accuracy, we will not accept any form of Credit
    requests other than our official document turned in 1 week prior to the lesson. Our office needs time to collect the
    paperwork, credit the account, and ensure our instructors can be paid in the appropriate payroll. If you do not turn this in
    with enough time to process (1week) our instructors are not guaranteed to be paid until the next payroll. You are welcome
    to email the form as well but we will not process until it is turned into our office.
  • Do not directly Venmo our Staff. Our employees do not carry their own liability insurance or Worker’s Compensation policies. All payments must be paid to Icons and distributed through official payroll. This protects our athletes, our employees, and Icons! Although our coaches are capable of setting up their own schedule- lessons are still done under the Icons umbrella.
What type of Lessons do Icons instructors provide?
Lessons can be for Tumble, Flying, Flexibility, Strength, Stunts, Jumps, or even choreography/dance.
How much do private lessons cost?
Lessons start at $40.00 per half hour but can be more depending on instructors available time, experience, and type of lesson. Shared lessons may be split 50/50 between both athletes.
Are there other ways to improve besides lessons?

If an athlete cannot attend due to availability or a family cannot fit the cost of consistent lessons into their budget, there are many other ways for your ICONS cheerleader to improve, not limited to lessons!

  1. We believe our teams have the best Cheer training in our area. Our staff is experienced and trained to perfect the technique of their level requirements and progress through the skills required IN THEIR LEVEL.
  2. We provide world-class Tumble Technique training during practices for those with the skills required for that level.
  3. Icons also offers a FREE flyer class each week based on the availability of our staff for those who wish to improve their flyer flexibility and Technique.
  4. We offer affordable Progressional Tumble Classes for every level each week!
  5. Reaching out to your team coach or owner  Heather Crowe on ways to improve at home can be a FREE and highly effective method to improve as well. There are drills and training all athletes CAN DO AT HOME safely!
How do I Book my first Private Lesson?

If you would like to request a private lesson, please email [email protected], and we will set you up with an instructor who is best for your child. Please provide name, age, experience, and the focus of the lesson. Once you’ve been connected with an instructor, communication is handled directly between YOU, the parent and our Staff member! If you have a specific instructor in mind, please let us know! NEW: We have a team dedicated to ensuring our members receive individual training upon request.

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