Private Lessons

*Please note private lesson costs and availability may vary depending on the Instructor*

Duo- Privates:

Maximum of 2 athletes at one time.


One on one with the Coach

There is a mandatory $50.00 Annual Registration fee for Non- Icons members that will need to be paid before participating in your first Private Lesson.

You WILL need to stop in at the front desk to sign your waiver & pay our Annual Registration fee of $50.00 This must be completed before the athlete will be allowed to participate in the private lessons.

Depending on the Instructor, a half hour lesson can vary anywhere between $30-$40 & hour lessons between $60-$70. Please Contact the coach you are wanting to work with for more information.

Please Contact our Main office if you would like to sign up for a Private Lesson. We will direct you to the coach that is just right for you! All of our private lesson instructors are highly experienced & dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

All private lessons are to be paid by CHECK ONLY.

All checks can be made out to New York Icons & handed to your Private Lesson Instructor.

Private Lesson Instructors

ny icons buffalo staff

Heather Crowe-Clark

Flyer Lessons: All Levels
Routine Work: All

ny icons buffalo staff

Anthony Cartella

Tumbling Lessons: Levels 1-4

ny icons buffalo staff

Nicole Borrelli

Flyer Lessons: All Levels
Routine Work: All
Jumps & Conditioning

ny icons buffalo staff

Genevieve Dipaola-Sullivan

Jump Lessons: All Levels

ny icons buffalo staff

Marissa Rundell

Tumbling Lessons: Levels 1-2
Flyer Lessons: Levels 1-2
Jump & Conditioning Lessons: All Levels

ny icons buffalo staff

Drew Zubryzycki

Tumbling Lessons: Levels 1-5

ny icons buffalo staff

Kylee Hayes

Tumbling Lessons

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